In The Beginning…

I genuinely didn’t know what topics I wanted to cover with my writing.  I had heard that blogs help promote better writing through practice and critique in comments, but I was a timid individual who never shares their work in progress.

The real reasons for blogging may be helping me understand how to share work that I am not comfortable enough sharing normally as well as providing insight into how these things can be accomplished.  Items and projects that I feel are incomplete or in a bad state can be displayed in all of their glory before the world, even if it seems inappropriate to me.

The hardest word to write is the first, I’ve found.  The urge to create may be strong, but the fear of failure is also strong.  Committing but a single word to paper is the hardest task in writing, with the second hardest being the fifty first percent.  Someone quite wise told me that once you start, simply start again and you will be done.  From there, the work flows right out of you as you have finally given the pent up energy a direction from which to travel.

I hope we can begin this journey on the right foot and learn much about each other in the time we spend here.  I hope you have a taste for gaming, design and technology, because those are subjects that are bound to come up quite often in our discourse.  I also hope that we can learn from each other as I evolve as both a writer and a person through time spent together.

Charles Weigand


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